Register It on Amazon

Registering your brand on Amazon enables you to utilize enhanced reporting tools and grants more control over your brand, providing a great customer experience.

Establish Your Brand

Get your comprehensive search report in 3 easy steps.


A+ Content

The Feature of A+ Content enables you to promote your brand message uniquely. It includes enhanced images, text placements, and product features.


Sponsored Brands

Boost your brand recognition by utilizing ads that include your logo, a punchy tagline, and three of your products.


Amazon Stores

With your free multi-page Amazon store, you can effectively promote your brand and products.


Brand Analytics

Make quick and well-organized strategic decisions by utilizing our Brand Analytics that offer powerful data like customer behavior reports and search terms.

Strengthen Your Brand

Accurate Listings

Listing your products on Amazon offers an accurate description of your products to your target customers.

Proactive Brand Protection

We provide automated protections that use your brand's information to protect it and remove any possible infringements or unauthorized content.

Report Violations

You can timely report and track any infringements against your brand with our effective search tool.

Proactive Brand Analytics

Make quick and well-organized strategic decisions by utilizing our Brand Analytics that offer powerful data like customer behavior reports and search terms.


Providing Safe Marketspaces to Countless Brands

With our unbeatable and ever-enhancing services and by providing remarkable customer support, our team has managed to secure countless brands globally.



More than 6 million suspicious accounts were stopped before they tried to publish a single listing for sale.



Enrolled brands have witnessed a 99% reduction in suspected infringements after the Amazon Brand Registry.



Our team is fully committed to providing the customers with 24/7 customer support and helping them tackle potential infringements.

Why Choose Protect My Trademark

Protect My Trademark enables you to exercise full authority over your brand or products by providing you with legal rights and protecting them from any theft and copying.

Keep Copycats Away

Our team gives you copyrights over your creative or intellectual properties to protect you from copycats.

Complete Consultation

At every stage of our registration and filing process, our consultants will never leave your side.

Giving You Legal Rights

We provide you with the rights to take legal actions against anyone who steals from you.


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David Managing Director

I initially found Protect My TM through a google search and made contact with them online. I received a very quick reply from Paul and she has been very professional and offered sound advice with my trademark applications. Their promptness and accurate advice gave me every confidence in the service they provide and I will definitely be using them for legal matters again in the future. Thank you Paul!

Sandra CEO/Founder

Paul was always very thorough and clear in his explanations, and timely with sending reminders about renewals and next steps. Highly recommended!

John CEO/Founder

A massive Thank You to Paul and the team for a very fast and efficient filing. As it was started late Friday afternoon, I did not expect to have the process done until middle of the following Sunday it was done. “Dedication” and “Passionate” are two words that come to mind. I look forward to working with Paul on future projects. Brilliant effort!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I enroll a new brand on Amazon?

    First, you have to register an account on Amazon Brand Registry. Then you can use that account to enroll a new brand at any time. You can start the process by clicking on the “Enroll a new brand” button mentioned on the homepage.

  • How can I submit a verification code?
  • How will I know if anyone attempts to do any illicit acts towards my brand?
  • What does the Amazon Brand Analytics tool do?
  • What is the significance of the A+ Content feature on Amazon?
  • Why is it important to register your trademark?

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