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Why risk infringement, opposition, or consumer confusion? Our trademark search reports help you launch new brands with minimum conflict and maximum security.

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  • AI-powered research tools
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How it works?

Our Simple 3-Step Process

We have a simple, yet effective 3-step process, standardized over years.


Fill a Brief Questionnaire

In this step, you’ll fill our brief, simple, and easy questionnaire.


Conduct a Comprehensive Trademark Search

We perform a thorough search to check whether the trademark is already in use, to save you from expensive redesigns.


File Your Application with USPTO

Finally, we register your trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Why run a search for similar marks?

1 in 5 trademark applications gets rejected by USPTO. Trademark search minimizes your chances of application rejection.

Save Time

Save your time by conducting a trademark search before spending days in preparing the application.

Save Money

Save yourself from the hassle of expensive redesigns after finding out you’re violating existing trademarks.

Avoid Rejection

If there’s a high probability of the public mistaking your mark for another already in existence, the USPTO examining attorney rejects your application.

What concerns should I have with my name or logo?

Registering a domain name doesn't automatically give you rights over the matching trademark. You can only gain this right by registering your domain name as a trademark.

You will only be able to register a domain name if it hasn't already been used by someone else. Avoid registering a domain name that uses or is similar to a competitor's brand name or trademark, as this can lead to disputes.

In most cases, trademarking a domain name can help protect your business' identity, reputation and profit.


Budget-friendly Comprehensive Trademark Packages

Insert same packages as brandmark protect

Federal & State Search

Starting In $149 + USPTO filing fees

Key Features

  • Federal trademark search to find similar names, logos, or slogans
  • State search, similar to trademark search, but for all 50 states
  • Detailed online report sent to you via email

Federal, State, & Common Law

Starting In $299+ USPTO filing fees

Includes all the features of Federal & State Search package PLUS:

  • Corporate name search in all 50 states
  • Corporate directories search to find similar names
  • Common law trademark search
  • Domain name search to see if anyone’s using your name online

Global Search

Starting In $499+ USPTO filing fees

Includes all the features of Federal & State Search package PLUS:

  • Global trademark search in multi-national jurisdictions including:
  • The European Community
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Comprehensive Trademark Search

  • What is Trademark Search Report?

    A Trademark Search Report is a comprehensive report that includes results related to a trademark search. It's useful for individuals or companies that want to register a trademark and need to know everything about availability, similar marks, and other information before they submit an application.

  • Why is a Trademark Search important?
  • What if someone is already using a similar mark?
  • Should you conduct a Trademark Search?
  • How much does Trademark Search cost?

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