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Your office action response decides the fate of your trademark application. Our trademark experts draft responses that are optimized to get your trademark registered right away.

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Received a Trademark Office Action?

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If you have received a USPTO Office Action, don’t panic. When an Office Action is issued on your trademark filing, this can be as serious as a refusal of your trademark application, or, simply a request to amend something in the application.

Contact us as soon as possible to avoid starting the trademark registration process all over again as you have limited time to respond. We’ll evaluate your case and consult with you about a response.

In situations where simply arguing against the USPTO Refusal does not seem like a promising strategy, we’ll go the extra mile to find a creative solution that works for you. Because sometimes the best response is to come up with an alternative solution.

Our trademark response service includes:

  • Reviewing your case file with the USPTO
  • Determining which response suits your needs
  • Drafting a response to the Examiner
  • Once approved, your mark matures to registration
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You Are Not Alone!

Most trademark applications receive an Office Action. Applications prepared by professionals receive fewer Office Actions. Since they have been dealing with trademark applications for years, they know how to avoid common trademark mistakes, and can help you avoid getting Office Actions.

You have a limited number of responses to contest an Office Action, so you need to be absolutely sure that the response is accurate and complete.

9 out of 10 people get it wrong the first time. Why waste time, money, and chances when you can sit back and relax, while our experts draft a winning office action response for you.

Office Action Responses


Simple Process Answer a few quick questions to get started

Eligibility Review and Preparation We take it from there and if eligible, and will send your response to you.

Review and Sign You will sign the response and then we file it. It really can be that simple.

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David Managing Director

I initially found Protect My TM through a google search and made contact with them online. I received a very quick reply from Paul and she has been very professional and offered sound advice with my trademark applications. Their promptness and accurate advice gave me every confidence in the service they provide and I will definitely be using them for legal matters again in the future. Thank you Paul!

Sandra CEO/Founder

Paul was always very thorough and clear in his explanations, and timely with sending reminders about renewals and next steps. Highly recommended!

John CEO/Founder

A massive Thank You to Paul and the team for a very fast and efficient filing. As it was started late Friday afternoon, I did not expect to have the process done until middle of the following Sunday it was done. “Dedication” and “Passionate” are two words that come to mind. I look forward to working with Paul on future projects. Brilliant effort!


USPTO Office Action Response

  • What is a Trademark Office Action?

    The USPTO issues an Office Action when they find a problem with a trademark application. An Office Action gives legal reasons why the USPTO has chosen to refuse trademark registration.

    However, trademark applicants have an opportunity to respond and challenge the refusal.

  • When does the USPTO issue Trademark Office Actions?
  • What are the reasons for getting a Trademark Office Action?
  • How do I respond to a Trademark Office Action?
  • What happens if I fail to respond to a Trademark Office Action?
  • How much does it cost to respond to a Trademark Office Action?
  • How many types of Trademark Office Actions are there?
  • Are you a legal firm?
  • Do you provide all kinds of Trademark Office Action responses?
  • Why should I choose you if I can just hire an attorney who can file all kinds of Trademark Office Actions?

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